Diana’s Halloween, from Chapter 4 of a stunning thriller!



“No steps on the snow” The Interview

During summer 2015, fifty American  literary blogs were interested in the psychological thriller “No Steps on the Snow” (English edition of the Italian “Nessun segno sulla neve” National Literary Award Circe 2013). The book was Amazon best seller in USA, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom and Japan.

The following interview by Hot Tree Promotion:



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Happy Mid-August Day!

Feriae Augusti (rest of Augustus) indicates a holiday instituted by the emperor Augustus in 18 BC which was added to the already existing festivals falling in the same month, such as the Vinalia rustica, the Nemoralia or the Consualia. It was a period of rest and celebrations that celebrated the end of agricultural work, dedicated to the god Conso who, in Roman religion, was the god of the earth and fertility.

Even today, Ferragosto (Mid-August Day) indicates a time that should be of detachment and rest from the many labors that people pile up during the year. Unfortunately, not everyone can celebrate this way, in fact many workers are busy hard today. And yet you think that in ancient Rome, during the celebrations, horse races were organized throughout the empire, but draft animals, oxen, donkeys and mules, were free from work and dressed up with flowers. In short, those who had worked were exemted from labor and celebrated!

So my friends, I hope it will be a good Mid-August Day for everyone!

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Tales in Blue, Santa Severa Castle, August 9th, 7.00 p.m. don’t miss it!

Don’t miss the presentation of my new book “I Delitti negati” (The Denied Crimes). The literary event will take place on August 9th, at 7 p.m. in Santa Severa Castle, a medioeval manor on the sea. An enchating frame for an involving plot.




L’angolo vintage 2.0 – Recensione: “Quelle strane ragazze” di Daniela Alibrandi — ROMANCE E ALTRI RIMEDI

What a review! Remember you can read “Quelle strane ragazze” wherever in the world!


Buongiorno! Oggi partecipo alla rubrica L’angolo vintage 2.0 ideata da Chiara (La lettrice sulle nuvole) e Dolci (Le mie ossessioni librose) e per l’occasione ho deciso di leggere Quelle strane ragazze di Daniela Alibrandi. Sinossi: Siamo all’inizio degli anni Novanta, il muro di Berlino è stato abbattuto da poco, l’assetto politico mondiale sta rapidamente cambiando […]

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