A Happy New Year to all my friends and readers abroad

As you know, I live in Italy and we are always hopeful when a new year begins. We experienced pandemic in the last two years, but 2021 left us also good memories and, especially during the summer, we had some good time.

My literary acrivity had an overlift with new books published and national awards. So, let’s hope next year wil be the one, when we’ll forget about pandemic and start to stay all together close, like we used to do before!

In Italy we say “Try to be positive, remaining always “negative” (to pandemic of course!)”

Have a Wonderful and Happy New Year!

Season’s Greetings!

Still difficult days all over the world with pandemic, but let’s think about a better future and let me give you my best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

And remember to read as much as you can, because reading and writing are the highest forms of freedom!



“Denied Crimes in the Holy Underground”, a must read (at the moment in Italian)

The setting of “Denied Crimes In The Sacred Underground” (Ianieri Edizioni):

On the eve of a Christmas in the early Eighties, in Borgo Pio district of Rome, close to the Vatican Walls and their secrets, with the melodies of bagpipers and the scent of roasted chestnuts, the many tourists and the rubbing clothes of the religious walking on the cobblestones. And the ferrous smell of blood that mixes with that of the dampness of an ancient shop of cassocks and sacred objects … it must be read!

Investigating is the team of Commissioner Rosco, a character that readers love more and more, with his Titian red hair and light eyes, beard and mustache of fire, a tall and overweight man, greedy, with diabetes and high blood pressure. His rough nature has made his private life disastrous, but he is too fascinating not to live stories that are sometimes just adventures, described without filters, while he is starting to have a deep feeling for a woman again … but it will be difficult, very difficult to have her.

“Denied Crimes In The Holy Underground” ia part of a trilogy including “Off-hour Crimes” and “Postdated Crimes”. In short, if you want to enter a particular atmosphere, with a three-dimensional character, in which the plots are different from each other, while having in common only the settings in Rome, and its underground world, in the fascinating frame of the Eighties and the evolution of the personal life of Commissioner Rosco, here are the novels that make up the trilogy published in the magnificent graphics by Ianieri Edizioni:

*Titles at the moment only in Italian, translated here into English. The books are available abroad on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes&Noble and in every libray of the Italian territory and stores online. At the Editor’s link they are in a great promotion!

These books won national literary awards (Premio Poliziesco Gold 2020, Segnalazione Premio Speciale Giallo/Noir 2021, finalisti al concorso Mondadori Romanzi in cerca d’autore) and have been hosted in important broadcasts of Italian radio and television RAI

“Denied Crimes In The Holy Undergrounds”

So sounds the translation of the book’s title, that is about to be published by Ianieri Edizioni in the month of December 2021. it will be the third novel in the successful and award-winning trilogy of crime / noir books, included in the Notturni editorial series.

The previous two novels “Off- Hours Crimes” (Delitti fuori orario) and “Postdated Crimes” (Delitti Postdatati) gave rise to the trilogy set in Rome at the turn of the Seventies and early Eighties. Like the preceding books “Denied Crimes in the Sacred Undergrounds” leads the reader to discover an unusual and smoky city, to trample its ancient pavements and, above all, to enter its underground world, often unknown to the Romans themselves. In particular, the novel tells of crimes that take place in Borgo Pio, the district on the border with the Vatican City and its dungeons. Through intertwining events and suspense you will discover the unexpected world of the Vatican underground, in the perennial struggle between Good and Evil.

If you read in Italian don’t miss the crime/noir trilogy by Daniela Alibrandi published by Ianieri Edizioni in the fascinating and impactful graphics of the original covers. The three books have already received important national literary awards, such as the Poliziesco Gold 2020 Award and the Special Yellow Noir Award 2021, finalists in the Mondadori competition Novels in search of an author. The novels were also the protagonists of important literary broadcasts of Italian radio and television.

So, have a nice Italian Reading

Find the new book in pre-order at the following link https://www.ianieriedizioni.com/negozio/narrativa/notturni/delitti-negati-nei-sacri-sotterranei/

Amd the the previous two at the editor’s link https://www.ianieriedizioni.com/categoria-prodotto/narrativa/

in libraries and Amazon stores, Kobo stores all over the world and Barnes & Noble:



A Shadow On Merrimack River, a great page turner…

                                                   CHAPTER  I ©
She was skating and finally was able to calibrate the force exerted on the leg movement with the frozen water resistance. Before her gaze the river gray light melted with the sky darker color. It was even pleasant to feel the cold air on her face, as she closed her eyes and drifted slightly on the icy surface. Farther her friend Jenny was trying to do the same and, in spite of her obesity, she was able to express lightness and agility. The silence was broken only by the two skaters going on and, in the dim light, they were even able to look and smile at each other. The whole winter had passed in the icy New England. Now it wasn’t difficult to bear the less sharp cold, a signal of spring approach in New Hampshire. Several times she had been told not to skate on the iced river, where in the past  fatal accidents occurred, especially at winter season ending. Some boys had been swallowed up by the Merrimack and, at best, their bodies had been found, after the thaw, many miles downstream to the Ocean. Diana, however, preferred to listen to Jenny and picked a spot on the river icy surface where, beating with skates, they delimited an area that appeared solid and secure. Besides, the only ice skating rink was on the other side of the woods, and was obtained by freezing the large swimming pool water. It was easy to get lost in the scrub forest during frequent snow storms.
─ Jenny, do you think it’s time to go? ─ No Diana, please, only five more minutes, I promise! Her friend was never happy to return. She would find an alcoholic mother and a violent stepfather. On the contrary Diana felt that it was really time to go home. She was sure her maternal grandfather was anxiously waiting for her, in the house  where she figured a warm smell of soup and desserts was already spreading. She decided, anyway, to please Jenny, another five minutes weren’t much. In those last moments she wanted to reach, with a generous impulse, the boundary of the safe perimeter they had drawn, a last thrill before returning. While she was lightly sliding, she heard a thud below the ice, curbed up and realized that, at that point, the ice plate was thinner and was giving way. She shivered, stood still, every movement could  have been fatal. Suddenly she realized it was almost dark, the ice beneath her feet couldn’t stand and she would be floated below. She had the only strength to bend her head forward and to look beneath the surface. As she feared, she could guess the water moving and clearly felt that something bumped the ice thin layer. Her eyes dilated in the incoming dark and carefully observed what was happening. It  seemed  an object, no, it was a dark form carried slowly by the current, and looking closer, what had hit the surface was one hand outstretched as asking for help! The dark shadow passed slowly beneath her and slipped, revealing  also the shape of a head and a swollen body. If the ice plate broke, she would  have been swallowed up and carried away by that corpse. It would have dragged her along into the deep darkness of the river.
─ Jeeennnny! ─  she shouted loudly and began to run, planting her skates on the ice that, under the blows, drew spooky cobwebs. ─ Diana, what is it? ─ her friend asked alarmed. Now she had no time  and energy to talk, her feet  were wet with cold water and she felt she was surely going to die under New Hampshire ice. << Move fast >> she thought dragging her steps forward << more quickly to survive! >>. In the distance she could hear  Jenny’s scream, for she finally realized what was happening. The skates were now weights that would have dragged Diana down, but were still her only and last means of anchor.
─ Jenny, run, help me! ─ her friend seemed paralyzed and numb, but suddenly woke up, skating at full speed toward her. She tried to pull up a few feet, holding out her hands. Diana understood that Jenny couldn’t reach closer, otherwise she would have been swallowed up too. Two or three steps more and she could clutch Jenny’s hands, but if the ice continued breaking up, she wasn’t going to make it.



“I absolutely loved A Shadow on Merrimack River. It is definitely a page turner, and suspenseful throughout the story. The characters are well defined and the author’s attention to detail is amazing. A quick and wonderful read!”

Literature meets painting

It is useless to say, when two different types of astistic expressions meet, perfection is achieved. On a very hot afternoon like July 30th, many people have decided to desert the sea and to attend the Writings and Paintings event, organized by Borgo Castel del Sasso.

In the fascinating setting of The Garage Bistrot, at Marina di Cerveteri, in the shade of the ancient pine trees, it was wonderful to see my books on display, together with the paintings of the talented painter Daniela Rum. Art in its many shades. Actually, while the presentation of my novels was taking place, and we were talking about literature and the noir series that came out with two awarded books (“Delitti Postdatati” Police Gold Award 2020 and “Delitti Fuori Orario” Yellow Noir Special Award and finalist at the Mondadori Contest), those present found themselves admiring the works of the award-winning painter.

And unforgettable were the readings by the talented Isabella Pranzetti, who brought to life the beauty and passion of some significant pages of the novel “Delitti Postdatati” (Ianieri Edizioni), reciting the dialogues and enhancing the descriptions. This noir is the second of the series that began with “Delitti fuori orario” (Ianieri Edizioni) and that will have another involving book just before next Christmas. Stay tuned…

If you read Italian here is where to find the two awarded thrillers in Italy, and you can find them also abroad on Amazon worldwide, France (Fnac), Barnes & Noble and Kobo worldwide:





Do you know the Magic District in Rome?

Well, come with me and discover the atmosphere of this place, called also Coppedè Quarter, from the name of the architect who designed the fascinating buildings. I love Rome and in particular this very place, so that I set here one of my books, an involving thriller “Those strange girls” (Italian: “Quelle strane ragazze”). The book is at the moment only in the Italian edition, but the following is the plot in English:

We are at the beginning of the nineties, the Berlin wall was recently demolished, the world political order is rapidly changing and new forms of espionage are being tested. In the Roman district Coppedè or Magico, as it is commonly defined, a new day is beginning and the stories of different characters are woven around the roar of the Fountain of the Frogs. A man is alone in the house, determined this time to succeed in trying to take his own life. Opposite, in one of the mysterious buildings, some girls work as clerks for a prestigious international organization, coordinated by the director’s elderly secretary. The lives and destinies of the protagonists will intertwine in an unpredictable way, in the osmosis of changing events, which will forever mark their path. The quiet and evocative neighborhood, with its dreamlike and esoteric references, is the setting for a plot that, after surprising the reader from the very first lines, will leave him grappling with a breathtaking ending. “Those strange girls” won the 2014 Perseide Award.



If you can read Italian, the book is available all over the world with the global distribution. I hope you will enjoy the plot!


the Italian noir crime series not to be missed!

“Delitti fuori orario” (Ianieri edizioni), published on September 3rd 2020 and “Delitti Postdatati”(Ianieri Edizioni) published in these days and on the library’s bookshelf on June 24th are the two first books of the series. Set in the eternal city of Rome at the turn of the late seventies and early eighties, they reveal some aspects of secret Rome, in its districts and in its underground world.

If you read Italian don’t miss these two plots. The books, winners of prestigious literary awards, are available also on Amazon worldwide, in paperback edition and ebook.



Last calendar year brought me new books published!

Last year pandemia was a terrible experience. I suffered like all of you the isolation, the loss and the fear of Covid. Nevertheless I had some new and great satisfacions about my literary activity.

On september 3rd my book “Delitti fuori orario” (In Engl: “Crimes out of order”) was published by Ianieri Edizioni. It was a success and the book was defined the Summer 2020 Thriller. We could also organize some event, presenting the book in the open air, wearing masks, but it was wonderful to go back to an almost “normal life”.

Then on October 15th my book “Viaggio a Vienna” (In Engl.: “Trip to Vienna”) was finally published by Morellini Editore. The release of this book, scheduled for March 2020, was postponed when the world stopped due to the pandemic. So the emotion was even greater when I finally held the book in my hands.

On november 7th, my unpublished thriller “Delitti Postdatati” (In Engl.: “Postdated Crimes”) won the Gold 2020 Police Prize, at the important national literary competition Gold Crime 2020.

And in this month of April 2021 “Delitti fuori orario” has been awarded with a Segnaling Diploma as a Special Yellow and Noir Prize at the national literary award “Città di Grottammare“. This book was also finalist at the Mondadori contest Romanzi in cerca d’autore.

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è copertina-delitti-fuori-orario.jpg

And the great new is that in the month of June 2021 “Delitti Postdatati” will be published by Ianieri Edizioni